As an experienced product director who has spent the past decade pushing a unique point of view through a challenging market, where the focus relied heavily on innovative line planning, a forward thinking mentality, and executing premium product, Natasha Chaibun believes when the consumer is put first, having the right product at the right time and in the right place is guaranteed.


Relaunching an entire division 3 years ago, and increasing the business, from 8% to 25% to the total, was made possible by keen customer focus, clear brand identity, and cross functional synergy. The experience of managing a $20M global business across multiple categories, driving and executing efficient road-maps, communicative & collaborative nature, in addition to an immense passion for product proves her exceptional leadership and product management skills. 

The smile on her face, positive attitude and infectious energy are driven by years living and traveling around the world from a young age. This has led to many opportunities working with people and teams from various backgrounds and with different needs or expectations. Natasha’s ability to lead by example, and mentor with heart, is in many ways the outcome of such experiences, as well as how she achieved a 10 year career within a male driven landscape. 

Landing the gig of Hurley’s Printable Product Line Manager under Nike Inc. in 2010 was received with excitement, as she had recently acquired degrees and certifications in both merchandising and fashion design. College years were filled with exploring Los Angeles and building a strong local network, along with experiencing life abroad in the UK; Natasha’s passion for travel, culture, music and art thrived. The opportunity to witness stunning countrysides, learn history where it was made, and most importantly eat at some of the most delicious restaurants was constantly on the itinerary. Though ultimately where her heart lied, was on the Southern California coast. These days you’ll find her spending her time outdoors; surfing, hiking, camping, bike riding, road tripping; satisfying her movie buff nature, and still trying delicious new restaurants whenever possible. Home is truly where the heart is, and for this home, that means an outdoor oasis of a backyard, mini skatepark and all, but most importantly with the love and support from her ex professional bmx rider turned coffee aficionado, fiancee Kevin Porter & their two 15 year old dogs; Zazzer, the lovable Havanese, and Luna, the ever-so-cute teacup Yorkshire Terrier.