Bob Coombes - VP/GM Nike Running

I had the incredible opportunity to work with Natasha for four years while I was the GM for Hurley. (Sept 2015 – Sept 2019)

Natasha’s enterprise leadership skills led the renaissance of the Hurley Women’s business which represented the most significant opportunity from a brand and business perspective. Natasha’s winning mindset inspired and engaged our employees against the strategy while creating a one team mentality.

Throughout the journey Natasha showed a strong understanding for the scope of the business, from the positive impacts to the P&L to adding depth and rich storytelling to the Hurley Brand. Her passion for serving the Hurley consumer had an immediate positive impact on the product creation process, Brand, Hurley’s digital offense and the integrated marketplace but even more importantly setting her TEAM up for success while nurturing and mentoring new talent.

Natasha is an inspiring, strategic enterprise leader, always manages with courage, has a crystal-clear vision for the future fueled by consumer insights. She has an incredible ability to multi-task, take on extensive work loads, follows through on the details while collaborating and creating a strong sense of responsibility and accountability for herself and the team.

I would like to take this opportunity to truly thank Natasha during my time at Hurley, she was a huge source of energy, inspiration and her solution orientated approach always created positive results.

Brie Kandarian - Design Director

Hurley Women (2017 – 2020)

Natasha is always FORWARD THINKING.  She is able to identify what can be done better in the past and applies it to the future.  Her tact for making learnings beneficial, really set the tone for the team to always want to do better.  


Her ENERGY is second to none.  Natasha has a way of naturally engaging people and encouraging meaningful conversations.  The team looks to her for guidance and direction.  She uses her blessing of an addictive personality, to create a positive and productive environment. I wish I could have bottled up all the smiles and rewarding moments Natasha was responsible for in our partnership.  


Natasha has been a great partner to Design and I truly enjoyed our COLLABORATION.  It was real and we respected the roles we each had for the same goals.  She has an astute aesthetic and knows what is relevant in the market.  I often leaned on her for her great eye!  


I have been so grateful to have worked with Natasha, and whoever snags her next is one bright and lucky company.